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The School Magazine: Copies of The Wycombiensian, 1957-72

The following table contains links to PDF copies of The Wycombiensian, the RGS High Wycombe School Magazine, from 1957 to the 1970s. PDFs of Wycombiensians prior to 1957 may be found here on Tony Hare's website. Also to be found here is what you might call the 'alternative' RGS school magazine from the late 1950s, early 1960s: SCANDAL Magazine. Here is a PDF with issues 7 to 18 of SCANDAL all rolled into one. My thanks to Peter Rodbourn (RGS 1958-63) for sending it to me. Its pages contain clues to the origin of the '149' craze at the school in the 1960s. Some Wycombe High School girls also contributed.

Technical Note: these are large files which may take time to load if you have a slow internet connection. Click on the link in the 'Viewer' column to see them displayed optimally, or, if this doesn't work on your browser, click where it says 'PDF'. You may find it easiest to save them to your hard disk and use a free Acrobat PDF Reader to read them offline.

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1957, September LW Piner obit and photo
1958, April Terry Trayhorn obit and photo; Ron Syrett capped for England
1958, September Alan King obit and photo; GA Grant photo
1959, May Tribute to Alan King; HMS Pinafore review; obits WT Brindley, BM Hall
1959, October Cricket 1st XI's ten-day tour of Holland.
1960, April DM North's trip to India, meeting nehru, etc; obits AW Foxall, JS Miles.
1960, September Mick Eaton's drawing of the projected new buildings
1961, May The school's only girl pupil, Helena Anne Ellis, recalls her time at the school
1961, September Richard Hickox makes his musical debut; obit of GW Woodley
1962, May The visit of the Queen, with extra photos.
1962, September More on the Queen's visit; death of Mrs Tucker (n.b. 2 photo pages missing)
1963, May School history published; Yeomen of the Guard
1963, September Photos of the (then) new school buildings.
1964, May Photos of chapel stained glass windows; obit of Percy Charles Raffety
1964, September Death of ER Tucker; retirement of PL Jones
1965, May Further tributes to ERT; obits CH Farmer, masters JA McQueen, S Austin
1965, September Obituary of GW Arnison; School Questionnaire
1966, May Nimrod Ping poetry; Obituaries of Roland Beresford Smith, Dick Richards, Jack Theed
1966, September MP Smith elected to the Headmasters' Conference; obit Mr J C R Davies.
1967, May Reviews of 'Patience' and 'Jericho'; obits EC Millington, Messrs Morris, Platt, Ray
1967, September Symposium on India; Photography; obits Geoffrey N Abbnett & Geoffrey W Boireau
1968, May Obits AS Hett, WJ Bartle, Rev. AM Berry, JE John, CRAG Iliffe, TR Barratt, AE Clarke
1968, September Tucker Mem'l Room; Rhodesia Poll; obits HR Guest, RI Guest, BH Hart; NR Hawes
1969, May The Mikado; 'Century'; artwork by Tony Blundell; obituaries of Paul Rogers, Cyril Morris
1969, September Obits of Major FH Robinson, CW Lance; more artwork by Tony Blundell
1970, May Festival '70; Adam Hardy verse; obits LS Baker, EL Burrough; JK Goodearl; CG Miles etc
1970, September Mock Election; Adam Hardy, Chris Rollason, John Burrows verse; obits Britnell, Wooster
1971, May Obituaries of PL Jones, flautist Laurie Kennedy, Norman Theed, etc.
1971, September Obituaries of Emlyn 'Chunk' Jones, LT 'Holly' Hollingworth
1972, May Comprehensive Education; Preface to Poetry Section; obits WL Avery, AW Tilling
1972, September University Places, 1964-1971; obit MT Harris; new member of staff, Mr RM Page, B.Sc.

Does anyone have any more recent Wycombiensians which they can lend me for scanning? If so, please contact me (see left-hand column for email link). I am very grateful to Martin King and Mervyn Darville for lending me various issues of the magazine.