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Reference Surname Forenames (Nickname) Form Born Died
A01 Stewart Andrew (Andy) 4X 1944  
A02 Peck Anthony S (Tony) 4X 1944  
A03 Garner Charles Buckley 4X 1944  
A04 Elias Richard E 4X 1944  
A05 Davies John M (son of MMD) 4X 1945  
A06 Walker Denzil R 4X 1944  
A07 Jones G D 4X 1944  
A08 Smyth Robert L (Bob) 4X 1944  
B01 Pye Christopher R (Chris) 5shell 1943  
B02 Bonnett John K 5shell 1942  
B03 Butson Ian R 5shell 1942  
B04 Bradshaw Roy P 5shell 1943  
B05 Saunders Rodney(?) H 5shell 1943  
B06 Scruton Roger Vernon 5X 1944  
B07 Richards Ross A 5X 1942  
C01 Melsom C J 6S3 1938  
C02 Hussey? Michael K 6S2 1940  
C03 Nuthall Richard J (Chris?) 6C3 1940  
C04 Knowles William A C (Billy) 6C3 1941  
C05 Gilder Terence J (Terry) 6S3 1939  
C07 Hickey Gerald Lawrence Stephen (Gerry) 6S3 1938  
D01 Hamilton-Eddy Patrick D 4X 1944  
D02 King Martin W 4Y 1944  
D03 Young S F 4Y 1944  
D04 Marsden Ian P 4Y 1943  
D05 Quinn Patrick J 4Y 1944  
D06 Mayes Peter F 4Y 1944  
D07 Cann Terence R 4Y 1944  
D08 Clegg Michael J (Mick) 4Y 1943  
D09 Casbeard Robert J (Bob) 4Y 1943  
D10 Warren Andrew David 4Y 1944 2003
E01 Darvill D(avid?) J 5UA 1942  
E02     5UA    
E03 Pender William L (Bill) 5US 1941  
E04 Rothwell Richard I 5US 1942  
E05 Barnard Andrew I (Zom) 5UA 1942  
E06 Icke Peter P 5US 1942  
E07 Smith Graham F 5UA 1943  
E08 Barratt Brian A 5UA 1941  
F01 Coppock Richard John (known as John) 5shell 1942  
F02 Dunn A 5Y 1944  
F03 Fowler James N (Jimmy) 5Y 1944  
F04 Williams Alan R 5Y 1942  
F05 Coles David B 5Y 1942  
F06 Cocking Ian K 5Y 1942  
F07 Peach? James M 5Y 1942  
F08 Sansom Keith G 5Y 1943  
G01 Montague Tony (not Anthony - initial 'T' in BMD and Grey book) 5US 1942  
G02 Copper Peter Henry (Dude) 5UA 1943 1989
G03 Dunsterville Richard K 5UA 1943  
G04 Elvey David M 5S 1943  
G05 Gomm Geoffrey W 5S 1942  
H01 Coleman Timothy J 5shell 1943  
H02 Bird Stephen M 5shell 1942  
H03 Coles Michael B (Mick) 5shell 1943  
H04 Taylor Trevor 5UA 1942  
H05 Chadwick Christopher C (Chris) 6M1 1941  
H06 Ashburner Michael E 5US 1942  
H07 Balfry Graham K 5US 1941  
H08 Newitt Paul B 5US 1941  
H09 Vere Roger Francis Stephens 5UA 1942 1996
J02 Shoosmith Peter G 5US 1942  
J03 Keeley Roger A 5US 1942  
J04 Stenhouse Alexander T (Sandy) 6M1 1942  
J05 Weston Alan E 6M1 1942  
J06 Hodder John Malcolm (died Bridgetown, Barbados, 1987/88) 6M1 1942 1988
J07 Janes Jeffrey Francis Ralph 6M1 1942 2006


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