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RGS High Wycombe School Photograph for 1949

I am grateful to Peter Draper who scanned his copy of the 1949 photograph.
Brian Ransley then cut it up into small pieces. Brian wrote:- I've divided the 1949 photo into 7 more or less equal bits and can give you some of the names for your reference.

Rennie Vickers has since coordinated the efforts of many others (now known as the 49ers) to identify the faces in the photo and continues to be the main point of contact for this photo. You can email Rennie at

Click on the photo above to open a large version in a new window. Depending on your browser you may have to click again to enlarge it further.

Click on the links below to view each section together with a list of boys for that section.

  Picture 1     Picture 2    Picture 3     Picture 4     Picture 5      Picture 6    Picture 7                               

Rennie has also included some very useful spreadsheets to help you find yourselves and your contemporaries. You can download and print them by clicking these links:

1949 RGS High Wycombe Photograph (A-H rows from back to front).xls,   1949 RGS Photograph Alphabetical Listing.xls,     1949 RGS Photograph Names by picture.xls