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Games Collection of Ian Duncan Wells (born 22 June 1964, died 25 January 1982)
314 games from 1975 to 1982 • Download PGNupdated Sunday December 24, 2023 10:30 AM

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Date Notes
8 July 2015 Original upload. 200+ games played by Ian Duncan Wells, one of England's most promising players of the 1980s before he met with a tragic accident in Brazil in January 1982. I am greatly indebted to Sean Parker, who has collected and input more than 100 of Wells' games from scans of the player's original scoresheets. I have added a good number myself, including games from Wells' last tournament in Brazil. Note that very few of these games currently appear on commercial or online databases (no more than 66 on Mega Database as at July 2015 - up to 81 in 2016). Sean Parker supplied another batch of 21 games in April 2018, played between May and July 1979, including a win against Nigel Short. Note, I have left in the three-figure BCF grades exactly as entered by Wells in his scorebook: readers might want to remove or convert these before adding them to their own databases. I have done my best to resolve a number of mix-ups between the player's games and those of his near namesake and contemporary GM Peter Wells.
12 July 2015 Now 274 games altogether - three games Ivell-Wells added, many thanks to Nick Ivell.
16 April 2018 Another 21 games from Ian Wells's original scorebooks, from May-July 1979, found and input by Sean Parker. Many thanks to Sean for his invaluable work in sourcing these games by a player who deserves to be remembered. The total is now 295 games. Note that I have left in the three-figure British Chess Federation grades as entered by Wells into his scorebook. Readers may want to delete or convert these to four-figure Elo numbers before adding them to their databases.
20 Nov 2018 Added the game Pitcher-Wells, Manchester op 1978. Culled from the English Chess Forum.
22 Nov 2018 Deleted the game Yeo-Wells, Lloyds Bank Masters 1979, as Mike Yeo has informed me that his opponent was Peter, and not Ian, Wells. Note that Cuartas-Wells and Wells-Fuster were indeed played by Ian (both Wellses took part in the tournament) as confirmed to me by Peter Wells. This confusion was of course a frequent one at that time, given the similar age and strength of the two players. I've no idea at which stage the Yeo-Wells error was made - it could have been by bulletin production staff, by ChessBase inputters or by me.
26 Nov 2018 Score of Hebden-Wells, BCF-ch 1979, corrected - 24 Qxg6, not 24 Qg5. Thanks to Andy Ansel.
22 March 2020 Added the game W.Luberti-Wells, Lara Open, September 1977. Found in The Guardian for 19 November 1977.
18 June 2020 Added the game I.Wells vs T.Thynne, Hastings 1976/77 Main A, Round 4. Many thanks to Trefor Thynne for supplying the score.
14 September 2020 Added the game Wells-Oswald, Cleveland 1981, sent to me by Graeme Oswald (more than a year ago!) Thanks to Graeme and apologies for sitting on this one for a long time.
21 September 2020 Some more forenames added, thanks to Paul Georghiou.
23 September 2020 A by-product of Brian Denman sending me John Henshaw's and Geoff James's games from the 1977 Lloyds Bank Masters was one further Ian Wells game - a loss to John Henshaw in round 7. Thanks, again, Brian.
18 May 2021 Minor adjustment - the game against Fuster from the 1979 Lloyds Bank Masters was played in round 6, date 27 August.
14 September 2021 Name amendment: in rd 1 of the 1980 Jersey International, Wells' opponent was Charles Harry Greier (not Christian Greiser).
7 February 2022 Added one game - I.Wells 1-0 J.Foley, Morecambe v Lancaster Univ, 29.11.1977. My thanks to John Foley for sending me the game. The total number of games is now exactly 300.
20 December 2022 Added four more games, from Sean Parker's collection of games played against Ian Wells by Cumbrian player Richard A Collins (1944-2020). The games are: (1) Collins 1-0 Wells (Cumbrian ch, 1976.10.09); (2) Collins ½-½ Wells (Lancaster League, 1976.12.08); (3) Wells 1-0 Collins (Lancaster CC ch, 1977.01.26); (4) Wells ½-½ Collins (Lancaster League, 1979.11.28). The games have Dick Collins' own annotations. Many thanks to Sean for sending these games. He also sent me the entire annotated collection of Dick Collins' games - numbering 2,040 in total! - which he has input. A veritable labour of love: I shall be posting it on BritBase after a bit of proof-reading.
23 November 2023 Running total now 313 games. A few games added, ratings added, other cosmetic amendments applied.
23 December 2023 Added the game T.Harding 0-1 I.Wells, Lloyds Bank, 26.08.1978. Running total now 314 games.