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Player: Nigel Short (born 1 June 1965)
Games played 1975-1981 (292 games) • Download PGNpage last edited Saturday April 20, 2024 11:07 PM

Nigel Short's Collected Games: 1974-1981

As an aid to collecting Nigel's games, here are his career highlights, as listed in the book Nigel Short: Chess Prodigy by David Short (Faber & Faber 1981).

Event Year Place
Merseyside U-9 1974 1st
England U-10, Newbury 1974 4th-5th
London U-10 1974 1st
Vaganian Simul, London 1975 0-1
Portisch Simul, Chester 1975 ½-½
London Chess Club Invitation C 1975 1st
Jersey Open 1975 4-3 score
Southern Counties U-14, London 1975 3rd=
British U-11, Morecambe 1975 2nd-3rd
Smyslov Clock Simul, London 1975 0-1
London U-14 1975-76 1st
Korchnoi Simul, London 1976 1-0
Dublin Open 1976 3½-3½ score
Charlton Open 1976 3-3 score
London v New York, Lloyds Bank telex 1976 1-0
BBC Master Game 1976 0-1 to Hartston
British Championship Zonal 1977 2nd
Bolton Open 1977 4th=
Rochdale Open 1977 1st
Sale Invitation 1977 2nd
Charlton Open 1977 2nd=
Manchester Open 1977 3rd=
Glorney Cup, Meath, Ireland 1977 1st board high scorer (4-1)
British Championship, Brighton 1977 25th-30th
Karpov, Lloyds Bank Clock Simul 1977 0-1
World U-17, Cagnes-sur-Mer 1977 9th-12th
Petrosian Simul, London 1978 1-0
London U-21 1978 1st
Lloyds Bank match v CHESS 4.6 1978 won 6½-3½
Aaronson Masters, London 1978 21st-32nd
Jersey Open 1978 2nd-4th
Rochdale Open 1978 1st
National Bank of Dubai Open, London 1978 9th-23rd
British Championship, Ayr 1978 10th-18th
Lloyd Bank Masters 1978 95th-99th
British Lightning Championship, Manchester* 1978.11.12 1st (aged 13 years 5 months 11 days)
Goodyear Open, Wolverhampton 1978 1st
Cutty Sark Petit Prix 1978 1st
World U-17, Sas van Gent 1978-79 3rd (tie-break, equal 2nd)
Spassky Simul, London 1979 ½-½
Rochdale Open 1979 1st
Aaronson Masters, Harrow 1979 49th-54th
Geneva Open 1979 1st-2nd
World U-17, Belfort 1979 2nd (tie-break, equal 1st)
National Bank of Dubai Open, London 1979 2nd-7th
British Championship, Chester 1979 3rd (tie-break, equal 1st)
Benedictine International, Manchester 1979 6th-10th
World U-16 team, Viborg 1979 1st board high scorer (6½-½); England 1st
British Lightning Championship, Runcorn 1979 3rd-4th
Cutty Sark Grand Prix 1979 4th
ICL Hastings Premier 1979-80 7th-10th
Blackpool Open 1980 5th-11th
Phillips & Drew Kings, London 1980 14th
Hamburg Open 1980 12th
World Junior, Dortmund 1980 2nd
British Lightning Championship, Telford 1980 1st
Blackpool 1981 3rd-9th
BBC Master Game 1981 1st

* source of information: CHESS Magazine, March 1979, Vol.44/813-4, p192

I may add to this list, give precise dates, etc, in due course - JS

File Updated

Date Notes
25 May 2023

An initial file of 269 games played by Nigel Short from his earliest competition games in 1974 through to the end of the 1981/82 Hastings tournament - this file will eventually be expanded to include games played later in Nigel's career. Around 50 of these games I was sent by Nigel himself who has input them from various scoresheets in his possession and collected from elsewhere. Others who have helped him include John Upper of Ottawa, Canada, and Shahid Ahmed of ChessBase India, to whom many thanks are due. Other games I have collected myself over the past few years, mainly from newspapers and magazines, with the remainder coming from various sources such as ChessBase's Mega/Big Database, chessgames.com, etc.

The initial figure of 269 is a significant improvement on the 195 games on the 2022 edition of Mega/Big Database for the equivalent period. Of course it is not just about quantity: many of these games have been updated and corrected, with particular effort being made to establish precise dates and other relevant information. A few are stubs, which can be handy to establish the chronology of his games and also might serve to jog people's memories.

We are aware that this collection of games for the period for the 1974-1981 is far from complete and hope that BritBase readers will be able to help by sending in their own games played against Nigel or other games of his they have found elsewhere. Note that some of the earliest games in the collection, provisionally dated 1975, have only the sketchiest details and have not been fully corroborated. Any further information leading to their correction, confirmation or otherwise will be gratefully received. My email contact details may be found here.

26 May 2023 In the space of a day the number of games in the Short file for 1974-1981 has gone up by 16 game entries to a running total of 285. My thanks to all those who have responded so promptly to my appeal for games and info: in no particular order, Simon Brown, Mark Page, Bob Taylor, Sean Coffey, Kevin Thurlow, Andy Ansel, John Swain and Chris Kreuzer. Retrospective thanks are also due to the late, great John Littlewood: I remembered that I had been sent a file of his games by Phil Adams some time ago, some of which feature JEL's typically robust comments. I've included four more of his games. I know that some of you are also enjoying Oliver Jackson's similarly entertaining annotations on his encounters with Nigel. Do keep them coming...
27 May 2023 Running total of games entries now 289 (including 17 stubs). My thanks to Tim Harding, Brian Denman and Nick Ivell for supplying additional scores.
23 November 2023 Minor update. Now 291 game entries (including 16 stubs).
20 April 2024 Added the game J.Nicholson 1-0 N.Short (rd 4.10), submitted by John Nicholson, for which many thanks.