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Player: Hector William Shoosmith (1877-1912) • 127 games (plus 2 part-games and 15 stubs)
Career Games Played (1894-1909) • Download PGNUpdated: Wednesday 13 September, 2023 2:28 PM


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Date Updated Notes
09 October 2017 Original upload. 126 games, plus 2 part-games and 16 stubs, of the English player Hector William Shoosmith, who was a strong player during the first decade of the 20th century. I collected these games whilst researching an article on him which was published in the August 2017 issue of CHESS Magazine. Some games were appended to the games database supplied to subscribers of the magazine, but this has since been updated as a result of further research and a significant contribution from the Sussex chess archivist Brian Denman. Many thanks to Brian for his help.
10 October 2017 Added one game: Shoosmith ½-½ Greenwell, City of London v Metropolitan match, 11 Nov 1905. Contributed by Gerard Killoran, for which many thanks.
07 December 2018 Added one game: Shoosmith 1-0 A.Howell, Brixton v Ludgate Circus, 1907. Contributed by Alan Smith, 28 Nov 2018, for which many thanks. (but see the note below at 28 Feb 2019 - this is a duplicate game and has been removed)
18 February 2019 Added one game: Shoosmith 1-0 B. Kagan, Ostende Amateur 1907. Kindly contributed by Gerard Killoran. I have also added some minor details to the other games Shoosmith played in this event, namely opponent's first names or initials, round numbers and dates (culled from issues of the The Field, March/April 1907).
28 February 2019 (1) Deleted one game - Shoosmith - A. Howell, 1907, which turns out to be a duplicate of Shoosmith - A.Howell actually played in 1897 and already on the database. Many thanks to Brian Denman for drawing my attention to this. (2) Added six further Shoosmith games: Gunston-HWS, Test game for Cable Match 1905; Anspach-HWS, London League 1905; Middleton-HWS, Ostend Amateur 1906; and HWS-Healey, Morgan-HWS, HWS-MacDonald, all three from the City of London CC ch 1907. (3) Correction to the game HWS-MacDonald, Ostend 1906 - Black was Edmund (not Dr RC) Macdonald. (4) Further data and caveat as regards the game Crowley-HWS, 1894. This is full explained as part of the game score. Many thanks to Brian Denman.
27 February 2020 Added one game, Shoosmith-Holmes, Ostende Amateur 1906, contributed by Brian Denman, for which many thanks. Also thanks to Brian Denman, the full score of Shoosmith-Wahltuch, British Championship 1906 is now available.
9 January 2021 Added a game E.Macdonald-Shoosmith, found by Alan Smith in a 1905 newspaper. No event, venue or date known, but we've assumed it was played in 1905. Many thanks to Alan. EDIT: Brian Denman tells me that it was me who originally found this game and that it had already been published on BritBase! I'm not sure what happened subsequently as it wasn't in the Shoosmith file as of yesterday. My thanks to Brian for pointing this out.
2 May 2023 Added the game H.Shoosmith 0-1 C.Sherrard, said to have been played 'recently' in the Birmingham Daily Post of 12.09.1905. Venue unknown. The match format was described as 'three up' which contributor Brian Denman takes to mean the first to record three wins. Sherrard won the match. Many thanks to Brian Denman.
27 June 2023 Removed one duplicate game - now 126 complete games plus 2 part-games and 16 stubs. Some cosmetic amendments.
13 September 2023 One of the stubs is now a complete game: H.Shoosmith 0-1 V.Wahltuch (British Ch 1905, rd 6). Many thanks to Brian Denman for submitting the game. 127 complete games, 2 part-games, 15 stubs.