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Player: Barry Sandercock (born 1930)
7 games played 1955-2006 • Download PGN


Selection of Games played by (Edward) Barry Sandercock (born 1930)

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Date Notes
30 August 2015 7 games, including simul wins against Jonathan Penrose and Sir Stuart Milner-Barry. As at 2015, Barry Sandercock (born 1930) is one of the most active club players in England and an old colleague of mine from when I played county chess for Buckinghamshire in the 1960s. But Barry goes back much further than that - he recalls making his county debut in 1946! I persuaded him to show us a few of his games over the years. These are mainly from simuls, with one notable one-to-one win against John Littlewood. JEL was very old at the time - but, then, so was Barry! Many thanks to Barry for sending me the games.