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Games of Vera Menchik (16 February 1906 - 26 June 1944) • Biography: Wikipedia
582 game entries* • Download PGN (including stubs)Download PGN (excluding stubs) • updated: Monday 27 November, 2023 2:43 PM


* the total shown includes stub games (i.e. game entries showing players' names and other header data, etc, but with zero moves (or in some cases a handful of opening moves). Note that colour information is not known for some stub entries - where this is the case a note is included to this effect). The game viewer above excludes stub entries.

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Date Notes
14 April 2023 Original upload. This collection of Vera Menchik's chess games has 569 game entries of which 460 are either complete scores or else are part-games. I have made two PGN files available for download, one of which includes all game entries (including stubs); the other excludes stubs. The game viewer excludes stubs. I am grateful to Brian Denman for his help with this project; he made available to me the collection of games which he had made in collaboration with Tony Gillam.
16 April 2023 I am grateful to Ulrich for supplying some more Vera Menchik games: 2 complete games (VM 1-0 Skjoensberg, Worlch ch 1935, replacing a stub; Lauberte 0-1 VM, World ch 1937); 3 part-games (Roodzant 0-1 VM, Wch 1937; VM 1-0 Thomson, Wch 1937; A.Baert 1-0 VM, Belgium v World 1931); and five stubs. Running total: 578 game entries, 450 complete games, 15 part-games.
25 April 2023 Added a stub game: V.Menchik beat R.Michell (but colours not known), Sussex v Surrey, 13.02.1932. This alerted me to the fact that the last six rounds of the 'Sunday Referee' London tournament had been given the wrong dates, so I have also adjusted them on the Menchik files.
15 May 2023 1937 score of vera Menchik 1-0 F ThomsonThe game V.Menchik 1-0 F.Thomson, Stockholm 1937, previously given as a part-game, is now complete. Source for the game is Jan Kalendovsky and the score and image were sent to me by Labirinti E Casematte for which many thanks. I suspect that this was Black's copy of the score.
16 May 2023 1937 Vera Menchik vs M.D.GilchristAnother part-game from the 1937 Women's World Championship in Stockholm has been sent to me by Labirinti E Casematte for which many thanks. V.Menchik 1-0 M.D.Gilchrist, rd 14. Once again we have an image of the score, supplied by Jan Kalendovsky. I have tried to decipher the score, but it required rather a lot of assumptions. See what you think!
10 September 2023 Added a game: V.Menchik 1-0 E.Holloway (Major Open 1928, rd 1). Many thanks to Gerard Killoran (EC Forum, 9 September). Technically a part-game though resignation would have been justifiable in the final position.
26 November 2023 Name amendment: Barbara Flerow-Bulhak 0-1 V.Menchik, rd 12, Women's World Championship, August 1937. I am grateful to Philip Jurgens for pointing out the previous misspelling of Ms Flerow-Bulhak's name.