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Player: Peter Charles Griffiths (born 15 Aug 1946)
1,011 games played 1961-1989 • Database prepared by Matthew Tapp • Download PGN

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Date Notes
7 June 2009 1,008 games in the original upload. Peter C Griffiths (born 1946) is a strong amateur player (of about 2250-2300 strength) who was active from the early 1960s to 1989 when he gave up competitive chess. This database was prepared by Matthew Tapp from scores made available by Peter Griffiths. Matthew has done a splendid job and I am indebted to him for making this file available for publication on Britbase. Note that Mega Database 2009 purported to have 106 games played by Peter Griffiths but in fact the ones they had dated 1991 and after were actually played by Paul V Griffiths (born 1976) and not Peter C Griffiths. (Update 2015: just to prove that those good people at ChessBase do take notice of what I write here, they've since separated the Peters from the Pauls and now have the Griffiths games correctly attributed.)
23 June 2019 I came across another Peter Griffiths game in BCM, July 1968, page 199 - a loss to Bojan Kurajica from the Midland Open Championship, 1968. The total is now 1,010 games.
27 December 2021 Another game added: Griffiths 0-1 JDL Ball, Midland Open 1964, found in BH Wood's column in the Birmingham Post. Now 1,011 games in total.