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Tournament: 9th Lloyds Bank Masters • 185 games (1st Alexander Belyavsky 7½/9)Download Bulletin
Venue: Park Lane Hotel, London • Date: 21-29 August 1985 • Download PGNuploaded Monday, 20 February, 2023 5:10 PM

1985 Lloyds Bank Masters, 21-29 August, Park Lane Hotel

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Date Notes
19 January 2016 First uploaded here. 181 games have been available from ChessBase for some years. One additional game to those that appear on Mega/Big Database, plus various corrections, round numbers and dates. Also available is a PDF of the complete bulletin, with crosstables, results, norms and prizes. Amongst the also-ran competitors in this event was the 15-year-old future world champion Vishy Anand. N.B. the crosstable looks a bit strange and unreliable, with some players given out of strict score sequence and some of the results not adding up to the score given. I may try to resolve this eventually but it won't be any day soon. And the winner's forename is not Alexandria...
5 July 2021 One additional game - now 183 games. Andy Ansel sent me the score of N.Carr 1-0 J.Sachs which turned out to be a round two game from the 1985 Lloyds Bank Masters. (In the crosstable, Neil Carr's round two result should read W108, not W145 - there could well be more such errors).
30 July 2021 One amendment - Mark Hebden's round 4 opponent was Sean Elliott (not Sam Elliot as given by ChessBase).
15 September 2021 A 'note to self'... the crosstable as shown (scanned from the bulletin) shows a player called D Macfarland AUS - this is Donald Macfarlane, born 1966 in South Africa, though he might conceivably have been registered for Australia at this time.
20 February 2023 Added two games: (1) B.Jacobs 0-1 D.Johansen (rd 2); (2) D.Johansen 1-0 S.Mannion (rd 8). Thanks to Darryl Johansen and Paul Summers for supplying the scores.