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Tournament: 3rd Regency Masters • 46 of a possible 250 (approx)
Venue: Ramsgate • Dates: 5-13 December 1981 • Download PGN • Last updated: Monday, 7 September, 2020 2:21 AM


[From the 1982/83 BCF Yearbook and BCM] REGENCY MASTERS

Ramsgate 5th-13th December 1981 (Nine-round Swiss)

1 J. P. Fedorowicz (IM USA) 7/9; 2-6 Dr. J. D. M. Nunn, A. J. Miles, V. Kovacevic (GM Jug), K. Regan (IM USA), D. King (ENG) 6½; 7-9 R. Hartoch (IM NLD), M. L. Hebden and K. Pytel (POL) 6 (BCF Yearbook gives J. J. Cox rather than Pytel on 6)—56 players. (5 GMs and 10 IMs took part) Amongst those on 5½ were Kuligowski (POL), Plaskett and Taulbut.

Fedorowicz scored a GM norm (his final one according to Povah – see below), Mark Hebden his third IM norm and D. J. King his second [IM norm]. K. Berg (DEN), J. J. Cox, D. Friedgood all got their third FM norms, and G. D. Lee, D. Cummings and A. C. Kosten their second and G. Kenworthy his first [FM norm]. Hanneke van Parreren (NLD) gained a WFM norm.

Nigel Povah wrote a report published in BCM, February 1982, p67, in which he claimed that the 1981 Regency Masters was the first UK Swiss event in which a GM title was achieved.

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7 September 2020 First uploaded to BritBase. 46 games from (roughly) 250 games played. Sourced from Big Database (19 games) with another 16 or so from StarBase 4.56 and the rest from magazines, etc. Unfortunately there are no round numbers or dates for quite a lot of the available games, and the BCF Yearbook doesn't provide a crosstable.