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School Photographs

This website originated from my own photo from 1956

Other photographs have been added and the scope of my original website has expanded to include those below.

1947 (Full School April 1947)

1949 (Full School June 1949)

1952 (Full School May 1952)

1954 (Full School May 1954)

1956 (Full School May 1956)

1958 (Senior School April 1958) 1958 (Junior School April 1958)

1960 (Full School June 1960)

Follow the links above to see the photographs cut into sections together with lists of boys' names.

The photographs for years other than 1956 come from various sources.
In some cases a list of names is being maintained by volunteers to whom I am truly grateful.

School photos covering the period from 1958 onwardsfor can be found on John Saunders' website where you can also see photos for 1926 and 1929

Photos of the School Buildings

Main School          Uplyme



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