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School Photograph for 1952

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Click on the photo to open a large version in a new window. Click on the links above the photo to open each individual section.

The original scan for this photo was supplied by John Moore who sadly died in 2005. 

Brian Ransley (one of the 49ers) cut it up into small pieces and has since coordinated the efforts to identify faces.

If you have any information regarding the 1952 photograph please send an email to Brian

You can email Brian at

Brian writes:- I've taken the alphabetical list from the 1951 Grey Book and left out a few names of boys who I know had left before the photo (like me).
This may be a good or not so good idea, but at least it tells us how many we are missing so far!
Please let me know any contributions you can make & I'll revise the master lists.

To download Brian's alphabetical list spreadsheet click here





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