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Freshmen Photo, October 1971

This is an unofficial site set up by John Saunders (Selwyn 1971-74) to display the Freshmen's photo of 1971. If you can help with identification or correct errors, . The photo is split into two sections for easy browsing.

Click on the above image to see the photo in a bigger resolution

Photos of 2011 Reunion of those who matriculated in 1971

People occasionally contact me re other years at Selwyn. I don't have photos for other years, but have noticed that some of these have now been made available online by the College, e.g. here are the 1970 Selwyn Freshmen photo, the 1972 Selwyn Freshmen photo (featuring Clive Anderson when he still had hair) and the 1973 photo. Other photos may be browsed by varying the number at the end of the weblink.

Selwyn Alumni Website

Official Selwyn website

Selwyn on Wikipedia

"How these curiosities would be quite forgott, did not such idle fellowes as I am putt them downe!"
(John Aubrey, Brief Lives)

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