Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Cross Country 1st Team, 1965/66

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Back row: Hudson?, C (Clive) Brown (5UG), PRA (Peter) Burgoyne (5SB), VF (Vernon) Power (6T1), PD (Pete) Knight (5UY).

Front row: AJ (Alan) Rainbow (6T2), PS (Paul) Everitt (6M2J), MF (Malcolm) Morrison (6C2), JW (John, "Gus") Muckley (5UA), A Newman (6M2J).

[Wycombiensian, May 1966, p71]

Once again the School cross-country team has met with considerable success this season, and come up against few disappointments. However, this success was obtained after a large amount of strenuous training, and as usual it was left to the devoted few to lead the way. Although there was only one old colour returning, a few boys had run for the first or second teams the previous season; but new faces and fresh talent appeared and helped to form the backbone of the first team. As expected, the team was very young this year; indeed, even half way through the season, the average age was under seventeen, partly because four of the runners were still Colts. But this in no way hindered the determination of the team members.

Of those who had previous experience in the first team M. F. Morrison and A. J. Rainbow, the vice captain, have always put all their energy into their running, and have been ably backed up by P. S. Everitt. Indeed, good packing contributed to the success of the School team, for the new talent, J. W. Muckley, P. D. Knight and A. Newman have all run consistently: Muckley, in particular, ran extremely well towards the end of the season.

The fixture list extended well into the Spring Term, and before Christmas, the team suffered only two defeats in inter-school matches. However, serious training was then interrupted by the Christmas holidays, the snow, and finally Mock; consequently, the team was unfit for its first race in two months, when a disappointing result marked the visit to Dr. Taylor's School. Moreover, earnest training for the Bucks Schools' Championships ended in an anti-climax, because of the thirteen boys due to run, six, including the captain, had 'flu on the day of the event. However, Muckley ran well and represented Bucks in the All-England Schools' Championships (Intermediates) where he finished a creditable 150th out of some 350 runners.

Our positions in the Relays were disappointing; for whereas a set of average times for each leg can produce a good overall result, a slow time for one particular leg can disrupt the concentrated effort of the whole team, as we soon found out. However, later in the season, we defeated two schools who had been placed considerably higher than ourselves in the Relays.

The strength of the Colts' team has been weakened because the older Colts have been running for the first team. However, Burgoyne, Waters, Ping and Burrows have all shown promise, and P. Muckley was chosen as first reserve (Juniors) for the All-England Championships.

The prospects for next year are extremely good, when all but three members of the first team will be returning, including three colours. Finally, we should like to thank Mr. Williams for his encouragement and advice throughout the season, and the interest of other masters.

Old colours: M. F. Morrison.
New colours: A. J. Rainbow, J. W. Muckley, P. D. Knight, A. Newman, P. S. Everitt.
Regular first team members in addition to the colours: Brown, Carver, Power, Hudson.
Results: First Team: Won 10, Lost 3. Second Team: Won 0, Lost 2. Colts: Won 1, Lost 2.


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