Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Form 2A, 1963/64

Back row (left to right): G (Geoff) Easter, JD (Jim) Tomlinson, RO (Bob) Davies, LDD (Dominic) Tracey (in front of Bob Davies), TR (Trevor) Toms, KV (Kevin) Pickering, JC (John) Marcinkiewicz (slightly in front of Kevin Pickering), CC (Chris) Woodbridge, J (John) Woodhouse, PC (Pete) Ellingham
Middle row (left to right): RJ (Roger) Long, RS (Roger) Dring, MK (Michael) Miller, MJ (Mick) Hollis, MR (Mick) Daniel, DA (Dave) Anstead, DR (David) Pugsley, RW (Robin) Elvery
Front row (left to right): IJ (Ian) Harris, NJ (Nick) Miles, CET (Charles/Tim) Lowe, SA (Stephen) Ariss, PJR (Phil) Sealey, DJ (Dave) Prentice, AR (Tony) Blundell, RA (Roland) Denning, Mr N J Selley.

The 1963/64 Grey Book lists 29 boys in 2A. 26 appear here: the missing boys are APR (Andrew) Knight, DK (Derry) Laviolette and DR (Doug) Lishman.

Roland Denning very kindly scanned this photo for me. It is of form 2A and was probably taken in the Spring of 1964. Click on the link to read about Roland's acclaimed new novel.

Where are they now? At least two are, sadly, deceased. John (Jan) Marcinkiewicz died in Liverpool in 1997, and Doug Lishman (not in the photo) in 1977. I am in regular Facebook contact with Bob Davies, and also occasionally with Roland Denning and Trevor Toms. I've seen recent contributions to a High Wycombe Facebook group by Andy Knight. Jim Tomlinson is Professor of Economic and Social History at Glasgow University. Derry Laviolette (not in the photo) served in the Royal Navy from 1968 to 1981 but sadly lost his eyesight in 1995. He now campaigns on behalf of the charity Blind Veterans UK - see this recent piece about him from the Lincolnshire Echo. Tony Blundell is a well-known freelance illustrator for a number of magazines. (Last edited November 2015)

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