Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby 2nd XV, 1963/64

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Many thanks to Arpad (Burt) Turmezei for sending me this photo and providing a number of identifications.

Back Row: Arpad ("Burt") Turmezei (5UA), NJ Gooderham (6M1), DA Gostlow (5US), MAC (Malcolm) Priestley (6T1), GF (George) Cutler (6M1), NN, JW (John) Hume (6M1).
Front Row: S (Steve) Breed (6T1), PDL (Phil) Brown (5UY), PL (Pete) Redican (6T1), DM (David) Davies (6S3), SJ (Steve) Russell (6T1), WHN (Bill) Laws (6M2), NN.

Here is the team report which appeared in the May 1964 issue of The Wycombiensian.

2nd XV

Played 18, Won 14, Drawn 1, Lost 3, Points For 270, Against 55

As the above results show, the 2nd XV has had a very successful season. This happened in spite of the fact that the full team very rarely took the field owing to injuries to players and calls for the first XV. The success therefore is at least partly due to the reserves, who always acquitted themselves well.

The strong point of the team was defence and as a result only four teams crossed our line. Of these four only one beat us. At the beginning of the season the attack more than matched the defence. In this the forwards were at least as good as the backs, and became skilful at slipping the ball in the loose. But after the first defeat, by Tiffins, the attack faltered and, although it reappeared occasionally, it never seemed as strong.

From the set scrums, at least a fair share of the ball was always obtained, even when on retreat, and this was no doubt due to Fayle's consistent hooking. From the line-outs the ball was occasionally tapped back and ground lost, but all the forwards were capable of catching the ball cleanly and passing it back. Breed and Fayle often made useful breaks from the line-outs and Cutler and Collins used their weight well. There was a tendency to hack the ball on in the loose, but when it came to hand ground was usually gained quickly. The back row of Turmezei, Breed and Laws, was always quick on any mistakes made by the opposing side, and Gostlow supported them well.

There appeared to be no "star" players in the backs, but this was probably due to the general high standard. All the players linked up well at the beginning of the season, but this did not last. The tackling and handling was always good, but there was a tendency to kick too often. Gooderham's place-kicking deserves mention and he scored many points this way.

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