Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Under-13s, 1961/62

Back Row: JP (Archie) Hartwright 3X, DG (Dave) Bibby 3Y, NRM (Nick) Thorne 3A, KG (Keith) Turner 3SA, JS (John) Culley 3X, DJ (Dave) Gatland 3X, IC (Ian) Lippiatt 3SA, JF (Jon, "Bose") Killingley 3X, PM (Peter) Colley 3A
Middle Row: CA (Charlie) Smyth 3X, JP (John) Colley 3A, TT (Terry) McCormick 3SA, JWEC (Jonathan, Jonny) Clark 3X, PDJ (Pat) Aikens 3X, LC (Leo) North 3X, K (Keith) Darvill 3SB
Front Row: AJE (Anthony) Minett 3A, IR (Ian) Whitelock 3A

Do you have any further info about the members of the 1961/62 under-13s rugby team, pictured above? If you have, please email me. If you click here, you should be able to see reference numbers magically appear against each person in the photo (click here to switch it off again). Then all you have to do is tell me the boy's reference number and whom you think they are. Email

Jonathan Killingley very kindly sent me this picture. Many thanks to him for providing the photo and naming all the names.

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