Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe - Rugby Colts (Under 15) XV, 1957/58

Back Row: SNM (Simon) Evans (5Y, tweed jacket), R (Rob?) King (5S), AW (Andrew) Fountain (6S1), RJ (John) Coppock (5 Shell), RWF Fox (5S), MF Gillett (5S), TE (Trevor) Dedman (5S), GH (Graham) Cunnold (5X), MG (Malcolm) Smith (5X), E (Eric) Holdship (5Y), BR Harding (5Y)
Middle Row: MF Turner (5Y), GF (Graham) Smith (5UA), RAO (Ralph) Stockwell (5A), JS (John, "Hoss") Simpson (6S1), PJ (Peter) Yates (5UA), GD (Graham) Nash (5S), PM (Philip) Dronfield (6M1)
Front Row: JO (John Owen, Jo) Smith (6S1), JH Dawes (5A), BA (Barry) Torrens-Burton (5X), JH (John) Comer (5S)

John Comer very kindly sent me this picture. Thanks also to Graham Cunnold and Malcolm Smith for helping to identify people. 'Jo' Smith has his own very interesting website.

From the Wycombiensian, April 1958:

Colts (under 15) XV

Played 9, Won 4, Lost 5

The season began inauspiciously. So many players succumbed to Asian 'flu that the team had little chance of settling down before the middle of October.

The pack was heavy yet vigorous, the backs both speedy and resourceful. While individual style was evident on more than one occasion, the team, throughout the season, worked well together.

R. A. O. Stockwell, G. D. Nash and G. F. Smith were the mainstays of the scrum, while J. S. Simpson and P. J. Yates gave the three line many opportunities to open out play in an aggressive manner. Behind them, M. F. Turner at full back was certain in defence and aided the pack considerably by accurate kicking for touch. J. H. Dawes and P. M. Dronfield combined well to link scrum and backs together.

The success of the season can best be judged by the total of the scores, 103 points against, 102 points for.

Colours (an experimental innovation) were awarded to J. S. Simpson, the Captain, R. A. O. Stockwell, the Vice-Captain, G. D. Nash, G. F. Smith, M. F. Turner and P. J. Yates who, at times, played exceptionally promising rugby football.

The following played for the team :- J. S. Simpson, R. A. O. Stockwell, J. C. Bowman, J. H. Comer, R. J. Coppock, G. H. Cunnold, J. H. Dawes,
T. E. Dedman, P. M. Dronfield, S. N. M. Evans, A. W. Fountain, R. W. F. Fox, M. F. Gillett, B. R. Harding, E. Holdship, R. King, G. D. Nash,
G. F. Smith, J. O. Smith, M. G. Smith, B. A. Torrens-Burton, M. F. Turner, R. P. Williams, P. J. Yates.

COLTS (under 15) XV

Oct. 5 1957 St. Marylebone Grammar School Away Lost 14-20
Oct 12 Watford Grammar School Away Lost 0-27
Oct 19 St. Benedict's School Home Won 25-9
Oct 26 Henley Grammar School Home Won 25-3
Nov 9 Watford Grammar School Home Lost 3-17
Nov 16 Stoneham School Away Won 10-6
Nov 23 Southfield School Away Lost 6-8
Nov 30 Luton Grammar School Away Lost 3-11
Dec 7 St. Nicholas's Grammar School, Northwood Away Won 16-3

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