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BRITBASE - British Chess Game Archive

BRITBASE is a national archive of British chess tournament games, for viewing online and downloading in zipped PGN format. Some files have been marked to indicate their availability on commercial databases, though in many cases the data you find here will be more accurate than from such sources. Material dates back to Hastings 1895, though I've concentrated mainly on contemporary material. To find the files, select one of the links shown on the left-hand side (or at the bottom) of this page. Click on the What's New link to find the latest files uploaded here.

I have collected and input other tournaments, especially Hastings and British Championships. Some of these are available here as downloads; others are marked 'needed', i.e. they are not currently available as a PGN file. Also, there are some collections of games by player.

This is where you can help - if you know where to get these games, let me know! The files we most need to fill the gaps can be found via the 'Most Wanted' page. Or if you find something that is not correct, and wish to point it out. Your feedback will be very welcome. I post such material on the 'Korrection Korner' page.

This archive was started up in 1997. What is being done here is fairly ambitious, and has not been possible without a lot of help from you people out there. I would particularly like to thank the very kind people (listed on the 'Further Information' page) who have offered encouragement and help so far. Keep it coming!

If anyone can supply bulletins relating to any of the missing tournaments, please contact me via email. Any bulletins sent will be well-treated and returned.

Britbase Founder & Archivist : John Saunders

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